Mid-Atlantic Dance Masters Chapter 17

Mid-Atlantic Dance Masters Chapter 17 - Schedule of Events
2014—2015 Season

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2014 Dates


2015 Dates

Dec 27

Deadline for submission of Solo PAC applications

Jan 6

Deadline for submission for the following scholarships

   El and Bernice Warner (TTS)

   Zee Brown Ahearn (SHIP)

   Van Cummings (National Convention classes)

Jan 23

Deadline for submission of PAC Group applications

Jan 24-25

January Workshop
   Dee Buchanan Studio
    207-G South Street
    Middletown, MD 21769

Jan 24

PAC Solo Competition

Feb 7

Deadline for submission of Title Scholarship applications

Mar 8

Title Pageant rehearsal and board meeting
     Chris Collins Dance Studio
      Alexandria, VA

Mar 13-15

Title/PAC Weekend
    Wye Mills, MD

Apr 19

Planning Meeting, Teacher’s Workshop
Grand Body Meeting and Elections
     Edna Lee Dance Studio
     Glen Burnie, MD

 Mid-Atlantic Chapter 17 is affiliated with Dance Masters of America, Inc. and includes dance educators in Maryland, Washington DC, Northern Virginia, Delaware, and Pennsylvania.  We hope that this site is useful to our members, prospective members, dancers, and their families!

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Mark your calendar -
For DMA summer fun!

DMA National Convention

  Date:June 28th - July 4th 2015

  Location: Boston, MA

SHIP South - Dallas, TX

   Date:   July 12th – July 16TH 2015

SHIP North - Buffalo, NY

   Date:  July 22nd – July 26th 2015

TTS - Buffalo, NY

   Date: July 28th – August 1st 2015

Ch. 17 Petit Miss Dance: Riley Marshall

Teachers: Ashley Canterna-Hardy

Ch. 17 Jr. Miss Dance: Autumn Bramhall

Teacher: Dee Buchanan

Ch. 17 Jr. Mr. Dance: John Raczyznski

Teacher: Candice Shepherd

Ch. 17 Teen Miss Dance: Savanna Mitchell

Teacher: Ashley Canterna-Hardy

Ch. 17 Teen Mr. Dance: Michael Gallagher

Teacher: Dee Buchanan

Ch. 17 Miss Dance: Jordan Wetzel

Teacher: Ashley Canterna-Hardy


MADM Chapter 17 Strong
TTS 2013

Young dancers at the first DMA Workshop.  For more photos from the September workshop, Click here

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